Universal Search Results Smoking Crack

by Jonah Stein on April 20, 2009

Google is well known for experimenting with on the Search Engine Results Page, but I have seen a couple of strange results this week. The first is the use of related search queries in the middle of the results page, right after the first three results for the query banner design . The screen shot is a little strange because I use the Grease Monkey script to number the results, but the placement is clear. Maybe Google figures if you haven’t found the results in the top 3, you need to modify your query.

The second strange result is on a page that I discovered after Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide tweated how proud he was that his post about Youtube SEO is on the first page for smoking crack .   Note the very unusual mix of three image results, three Youtube videos and 1 video from The Sun (as pointed out by Graywolf aka Michael Gray) What’s up with so many multimedia results? Is universal search on crack an all video affair?

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