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SEO Means Optimize For Users

by Jonah Stein on September 30, 2009

SEOMoz Misses Target

Tweet SEOMoz gives some terrible advice about SEO and user focused development. Rand presents some graphs about different optimization components and how their effect on ranking has evolved over time and magically draws the conclusion that SEO should focus on engines, not users because additional SEO tactics are required to rank. I am not going […]


Using SEO for Good – Introducting White Knight SEO

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by Jonah Stein on August 17, 2009

Tweet For years Google has successfully hid behind the “don’t be evil” mission statement and aggressively blurred the distinction between SEO and spam, fraud and other illegal activities while ignoring the fact that Adsense is the single largest source of revenue for spam and that Adwords makes millions of dollars each year from ads for […]


Check New Domains By Signing Up with Webmaster Tools

by Jonah Stein on August 10, 2009

Tweet A couple of weeks ago we decided to launch a little experiment with Hyper Local blogging for a dear family friend who is a real estate agent in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Like any website launch, the first thing we did was going looking for a domain. It turns out that […]


Adams Morgan Hyper Local

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by Jonah Stein on August 6, 2009

Tweet Hyper Local has gotten a lot of attention lately and it certainly makes a lot of sense. In this incredibly connected yet fractured world of social media, blogs and websites competing for keywords, it is frequently very difficult to really connect to an individual neighborhood. The ROIguys (and gal) took the show on the […]


Andrew Goodman On Twitter Blight

by Jonah Stein on March 31, 2009

Tweet Andrew Goodman wrote a fabulous piece about Twitter, calling Guy Kawasaki to task for his SES New York keynote on gaming Twitter. I am not going to quote all of the excellent points Andrew makes about using automation (follow bots) to AstroTurf. I have been amused by my (small) army of Zombie followers on […]