SEO is Website Optimization

ItsTheROI is a San Francisco Bay Area based Search Engine Marketing company that delivers sustainable, data driven strategies focused on Return On Investment.  Obtaining ROI requires creating conversions, events that happens at the intersection of user interface, content and search intent. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising teaches organizations how to use data to learn about their customers — to listen to users and give them what they want.

User Interface
» Provide Clear Information Scent
» Embrace The Golden Triangle
» Understand Scan Behavior
» Conventions Based
» Call To Action
Search Intent
» Research Keywords
» Determine Search Intent
» Deliver Content Matching User Intent
   Informational — Navigational— Transactional
» Provide Call To Action Matching Query Type
» Relevant
» Well Written
» Matches Search Intent
» Keyword Driven Architecture
» Statistically Co-Occurring Semantics

SEO Secrets

During the last 15 years, the art of ranking #1 has evolved from manipulating search engines by jamming pages full of hidden keywords and flooding the engines with doorway pages to a high ROI discipline which delivers relevant content to engage users.  SEO has become a data driven methodology for guiding marketing and web development decisions leveraging query frequency, search intent, semantics and statistical co-occurrence.

SEO is data driven methodology for guiding business, content, architecture and web design decisions rooted in query frequency, semantics, keyword co-occurrence and statistical analysis.

The process begins with keyword research which uses query frequency and semantic groupings to determine site information architecture. Search intent drives the content and defines the information scent for each page.  This information is compiled into a keyword map, a blueprint for developing great content and relevant pages that deserve high search engine rankings.

SEO is not a cookie cutter process where the consultant can provide a set of recommendations and walk away.   It is an iterative process that requires a series of compromises with design, IT, product and marketing.   Along the way, ItsTheROI evangelizes the core principle to be relevant and to develop a website that aligns the content with the user intent and to present clear calls to action that align the intent of the user with that of the site owner.  This new form of SEO is geared towards listening to users and given them what they want — Search Engine Optimization has become Website Optimization.

ItsTheROI Consultants have been helping businesses in San Francisco and around the world with their online strategy since 1996. Our mission is to help our clients merge all of these channels into a coherent strategy driven by  the insights from data available from site Analytics and search queries along with our creativity and experience.  Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation if you would like to find out more about how ItsTheROI can help your business.

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